You’re In An Invisible War Part 7: “Trust That God Will Never Stop Loving Me”

Today’s Message

We’re concluding today with Part 7 of our series: “You are In an Invisible war.” Out of three invisible enemies (World, Devil, Flesh) our focus has mainly been on the Flesh and its self-destructive habits: Shame, Uncontrolled thoughts, Compulsions, Fear, Hopelessness, Bitterness and Insecurity.

Next week we will look at the second invisible enemy – the world.

I strongly encourage you to check out today’s messages and sermons from the previous six Sundays in order to get the big picture of what we’ve been talking about. You can either visit the church’s website, or the church youtube link,

I hope by this stage you are starting to become super aware of the destructive habits of your flesh and how to overcome them. I trust you are applying God’s Word and starting to see victories over shame, uncontrolled thoughts, compulsions, fear, hopelessness, bitterness and soon insecurity. Over the past six weeks, the key to unleashing God’s Power has always been – His Word. God’s Word is Truth (John 17:17). And Knowing God’s Truth sets you free (John 8:32)!.

I must keep reminding you that – ‘It takes a habit to Replace a habit.’ Never fight a destructive habit. You will lose every time. Whatever you resist, persists? The only way to gain victory over shame, uncontrolled thoughts, compulsions, fear, hopelessness, bitterness, and insecurity is by Replacement; is through the Holy Spirit’s power that enables you to Replace the destructive habits of the flesh (Romans 8:6) with God’s biblical habits based upon His Word. So, may daily you hear, read, study, memorise, meditate and apply Romans 8:1-39 to your life. That is the foundation for your new biblical habits against all self-destructive habits! (see Romans 8:12-13)

To replace the self-destructive habit of Insecurity you must – “TRUST that God will NEVER STOP LOVING you!” (Romans 8:38-39). As a believer in Christ you must daily remind yourself, “My God Will Never, Ever, Stop LOVING me!”

Behind insecurity is the real fear of rejection. And rejection left unchecked, will truly mess up your life. The best solution for rejection is to place your trust in someone who is perfect, all wise, all powerful, can meet All your needs, always good, and lasts forever! No human person can do that.

As your Pastor let me say this – ‘Love, forgive and be patient with people. But, Put your 1000 percent trust in God! In God alone!’