You are In an Invisible War – Part 6: Remind Myself That God Is Always Good and In Charge

Today’s Message

Today is the sixth Sunday on our theme: “You are In an Invisible war.” To make sense of what I’ll be taking about today I strongly encourage you to check out today’s messages and sermons from the previous four Sundays on our church’s website, or youtube,

Let’s quickly recap:
Part 1: The biblical habit to replace Shame is – “I must daily remind myself what Jesus did for me.” (Romans 8:1-4). As a believer, there is no need for me to walk around, head low, in guilt and shame because Jesus has taken my condemnation.

Part 2: The biblical habit to replace Uncontrolled thoughts is – “I ask the Holy Spirit to give me better thoughts.” (Romans 8:5-8) Pray, “Holy Spirit, please give me better thoughts.” And He will.

Part 3: The biblical habit to replace Compulsions is – “Realise I Have a New Ability (God’s Power living in me) to say no.” (Romans 8:9-13) Lean on, depend on, trust in the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance. Holy Spirt is above all urges, lusts, compulsions, impulsive behaviour.

Part 4: The biblical habit to replace Fear is – “Turn my thoughts to God, whenever I’m afraid.” (Romans 8:14-16). The key here is to – Stop focusing on fear, And, Start Focusing on God!

Part 5: The biblical habit to replace Hopelessness is: “Focus on Long-term, not short term. (Romans 8:17-18). Hopelessness is an emotion, a feeling of no tomorrow. So biblical thinking is not just focusing on 10 or 20 or even 50 years from now. Biblical thinking is very long-term. It’s thinking about trillions and trillions and trillions of years. That’s called Eternity. Living in the light of eternity is the key to being the most successful you could possibly be.
• The more long-term your thinking is, the more you’ll be successful in life
• The people who fail in life, are those who are only thinking about today, the here and now.
• The longest – term thinkers are those who are most successful in life

Part 6: The biblical habit to replace Bitterness is: “Remind Myself that God is Always Good and in Charge” (Romans 8:19-25). Everything in this world is broken. The weather is broken, people are broken, and everything seems to go from bad to worse. The result of living in a broken world is pain. The result of pain is Bitterness: “Life is not fair!” For sure! What’s new?

But there are four things you must do to overcome the self-destructive habit of bitterness. This is the focus of today’s sermon.