You Are In An Invisible War – Part 5: Focus on the Long-term, Not the short term

Today’s Message

Today is the fifth Sunday since we started looking at the theme: “You are In an Invisible war.” This war takes place within us, in the unseen, spiritual realm.

I strongly encourage you to check out today’s messages and sermons from the previous four Sundays on our church’s website, or youtube,

Out of the three enemies we face daily (world, devil, flesh) the toughest is our flesh due to the fact that it’s part of who we are. The flesh is our old nature that hates God and dislikes anything to do with Jesus, Holy Spirit and even the bible. This is who we were (i.e. unbelievers) before we surrendered our lives to Jesus.

Now the desires of the flesh (see Galatians 5:21) always lead to death. It leads us to self-destructive habits like: Shame, Uncontrolled thoughts, Compulsions, Fear, Hopelessness, Bitterness, Insecurity. The best way to deal with all seven self-destructive habits is to replace them with new biblical habits that are based on God’s Word. It takes a habit to replace a habit. (Habits are formed between 6 to 9 weeks).

The biblical habit to replace Shame is – “I must daily remind myself what Jesus did for me.” (Romans 8:1-4). As a believer, I must daily remind myself that Jesus was condemned and judged on the cross for me. He took my place. Therefore, there is no need for me to walk around, head low, in guilt and shame.

The biblical habit to replace Uncontrolled thoughts is – “I ask the Holy Spirit to give me better thoughts.” (Romans 8:5-8) Simply pray, “Holy Spirit, please give me better thoughts.” And He will do exactly that.

The biblical habit to replace Compulsions is – “Realise I Have a New Ability (God’s Power living in me) to say no.” (Romans 8:9-13) Lean on, depend on, trust in the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance. Holy Spirt is above all urges, lusts, compulsions, impulsive behaviour.

The biblical habit to replace Fear is – “Turn my thoughts to God, whenever I’m afraid.” (Romans 8:14-16). The key here is to – Stop focusing on fear, And, Start Focusing on God! Your Daddy, Heavenly Father, sees you and loves you 24/7! Focus on Him and watch fear disappear!

Now there are many people who even while I’m typing this message would rather not wake up tomorrow morning. That’s the evil, self-destructive, habit, of Hopelessness. We must deal with this one, today.

But the Answer to Hopelessness is not a pill, not a program, not a book, not an mp3 or mp4 download, not a seminar, nor hypnosis. The Answer to Hopelessness is a Person – Jesus Christ, the Hope of glory! (Colossians 1:27)

Hint: Focus on the long-tern, not the short term. For Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER! (Heb. 13:8)