Walking Through The Door To Freedom – Part 3: You Don’t Need to Pretend Anymore

Today’s Message

I know lots of people who like to pretend.

I’m not talking about children who play make-believe. I’m talking about adults who try to pretend they’re somebody else to get the approval of others.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve been pretending for so long that you don’t know who the real you is anymore. You’re wearing a mask, and it’s wearing you out. Everyone else thinks you’ve got plenty of money, plenty of joy, and plenty of time.

But you know the truth, and you’re exhausted.

Most people pretend for one of two reasons.

Some fall into the people-pleasing trap, where you want to meet their expectations to keep them happy. In many ways you are fulfilling their purpose for your life!

Other people fall into the trap of perfectionism. That’s when you think you must be perfect to be loved.

But the problem is, you know better. You know you’re not perfect. So you just pretend.

What’s the antidote for pretending? You stop focusing on what others think and start focusing on what God thinks.

Only one person knows you completely, loves you unconditionally, and knows exactly what you’re created to do: God. Living for God rather than the approval of others simplifies your life. When you do that, you live for an audience of one, rather than 50.

Listen to God’s Word, “I have gained perfect freedom by following your teachings” (Psalm 119:45 CEV).

In other words, freedom comes when you look to God for approval and not anyone else. You don’t need to earn God’s love. You don’t need to be perfect to please Him. You can’t buy His approval or fake your way to it.

God knows everything you’ve ever done, and He loves you—totally, fully, and overwhelmingly.

My friend, you don’t need to pretend anymore.