The Importance Of Hearing God’s Word

Today’s Message
After emailing both my theme and message for today, I was woken on Friday morning between 2:20am and 6:12am with a strong impression to change my topic. I sensed the Lord directing me to carry on preaching on the importance of His Word in His believers’ lives.

In the previous Sundays we have looked at the importance of –

* Reading God’s Word – this helps you to fight temptations and claim God’s promises (God’s everlasting insurance policy) for every area in your life

* Memorising God’s Word – hiding God’s Word in your heart is a secret weapon to defeating the enemy’s attacks. It also empowers you to share hope and wise counsel with others

* Meditating in God’s Word – reveals the heart of God. Thinking, pondering, and focusing in God’s Word is like a cow regurgitating the grass until she gets every bit of nourishment out of it. Nothing transforms your life more than meditating in the Word of God.

Today, we are looking at ‘Hearing the Word of God.”

I liken the Hearing of God’s Word to having a direct line between heaven and earth. It’s like your hot line to God. When you Hear God’s Word going round and round in your mind, it’s almost like watching and listening to God speaking, thinking, guiding, instilling wisdom, dispensing peace, releasing blessings and performing miracles. It truly is amazing!

Hearing the Word of God also draws God’s powerful faith out of your born-again spirit. Consequently, whenever a believing person hears the Word of God, he / she is so moved and ready to release God’s power and authority through commanding and thanksgiving. (see Job 22:28; 1Thess. 5:18) Hearing the Word of God is like loading Faith / Weapon with ammunition.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (NKJV) To stir up the faith of God within your born-again spirit, you must constantly Hear the word of God audibly and in your head.

How do you Hear the Word of God?

By reading your bible aloud, listening to an online bible app, watching a preacher on TV, seeing testimonies on the internet and any other media that broadcasts God’s Word.

The key to walking by/in faith, walking in God’s realm, comes by Hearing the Word of God daily.

May you be mightily blessed as you put to practice what you have learned today.