“He shall Be Called – Prince of Peace”

Today’s message – Sorry No Audio

We’ve been looking at the various titles given to the coming Messiah from the prophet Isaiah 9:6. These include: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. The long-awaited Messiah was fulfilled in the birth, life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.

Today’s theme is Jesus our Prince of Peace.

The Hebrew word “shalom” from our Isaiah 9:6 passage, which Bible translators translate into the English word “peace,” is often used by Jews as a word of greeting. But shalom has many, many more meanings. Here are a few: completeness, wholeness, rest, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, fullness, harmony, lack of worry, the absence of agitation or of discord. Wow! I want this peace. Don’t you?

This Christmas, 2018, with all that is happening around us, the people of the earth are crying out for peace … shalom. They run here and there seeking peace but seeking peace in all the wrong places. Some of us have yet to learn that drugs, booze, one-night stands, big houses, fast cars, impressive jobs and titles, psychotherapy and riches don’t bring lasting peace.

No, the Bible teaches us that peace, real peace, (shalom) can only come through a relationship with the One who is called the “Prince of Peace.”

Jesus said to His disciples, as He was nearing His crucifixion, in John 14:27 (New Living Translation) “I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

So you see, the Lord Jesus is not merely a “teacher of peace” or “one who proclaimed peace.” Jesus doesn’t just “represent peace,” No, Jesus is peace! Jesus is peace just like Jesus is love. He is literally peace in the flesh … peace itself living in the body of a man. And when we come to truly know Jesus and not just know “about” Jesus, a miracle begins. Then, when we also begin to “hang out” with Jesus on a daily basis, His heavenly peace starts to totally saturate us … body, soul and spirit. And our life on earth moves to the highest plane.

What I am saying is a deep and profound spiritual mystery that lots of people miss because it simply goes beyond our intellect or limited human understanding. The mystery of peace of mind and heart can only be understood and attained by and through spiritual eyes and a heart of simple faith in God and His Son, Jesus.

Let’s not allow another Christmas to pass without knowing Him and His peace.

May the presence of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, keep and bless you this Christmas season!