Last week we started a new series called ‘One hundred percent Grace, Zero percent Performance.’ This is the heart of the Good News about Jesus Christ. You do not have to ‘perform’ for God to love you, accept you, bless you, care for you, forgive you. No. Because Jesus has paid for all your sins – past, present, future, God now sees Jesus’ righteousness all over you!

And yet, many born-again Christians are still struggling with condemnation, rejection, depression, loneliness, hopelessness, sickness, and so on. I pray today’s message will bring you hope and freedom if I’m talking to you.   

Our key text for today from Isaiah 53:4-6 speaks about Jesus’ death on the cross and what His death accomplished. I recommend you read the whole chapter 53 of Isaiah. 

The fulfilment of Isaiah 53 took place 2,000 years ago. God judged and punished Jesus with all our sins on the cross. There is no more punishment or judgement left for you and me. Jesus died once and for all, for all of us.     

Judgement and punishment are the very ‘evils’ that lie behind condemnation, fear, abandonment, rejection, depression, hopelessness and many other psychological disorders. If you are a born again believer and are experiencing hopelessness, rejection, fear, condemnation, and the alike, I want you to hear this – ‘God has already forgiven you. The voices and thoughts that you are hearing and thinking, do not come from God, they are Satan’s lies. Today, I pray that you will receive the truth about your true identity in Christ.   

Listen, There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus….For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:1-2, NKJV) My brother and sister in Christ, those words are a declaration about your freedom. That is God speaking to you! Because Christ Jesus has totally forgiven your sins, right now, YOU ARE NO LONGER CONDEMNED! YOU ARE FREE FROM THE POWER OF SIN!

So, when you hear those accusations, condemnations, put-down-pull-down thoughts, you must counter them with God’s Word. Proverbs 18:21 says that your words are extremely powerful. Instead of agreeing with the devil’s lies, declare aloud God’s Word:

  • ‘You’ve got the wrong person devil! Get out of here. You are a liar! (John 8:44)
  • Jesus has forgiven all my sins – past, present, future! (1John 2:2)
  • I am a precious, beloved, son / daughter of God! (Romans 8:14-17)
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)
  • I belong to the family of God. (John 1:12)
  • I am dearly loved, accepted and the apple of Daddy’s (God’s) eye! (John 3:16; Ephesians 1:6; Psalm 17:8)
  • I am victorious, triumphant! (2Cor. 2:14)
  • I am bold as a lion! (Proverbs 28:1)
  • I am blessed beyond any curse! (Galatians 3:13-14)
  • I am highly favoured! (Deuteronomy 28:1-14)
  • I am protected by the blood of Jesus! (Hebrews 9:14; 10:22)
  • I am successful, prosperous and living life abundantly! (Joshua 1:8; John 10:10)
  • I am the righteousness of God! (2Corinthinas 5:21)
  • I am free from (you fill in) in Jesus Name! (John 8:36)
  • Thank You Jesus for setting me free! Amen and Amen!

“Therefore, if the Son (i.e. Jesus) makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36, NKJV)