Today I’m starting a new series called: “Real Relationship Now With The Holy Spirit.” In the coming weeks we will be focusing on the Holy Spirit and His gifts to the Body of Christ, the church.

The dispensation (dispensing information about His character) of God the Father was 4,000 years through His relationship with the children of Israel. The thirty nine books of the Old Testament describe this unique relationship between God the Father and His chosen nation, Israel.  

Compared to God the Father the dispensation of God the Son was very brief, only 33 ½ years. Jesus’ prime purpose was to demonstrate a model of what a child of God should look like through His personal intimate relationship with His Heavenly Father. The four Gospels record the account of Jesus’ life and ministry on earth.

Then on the Day of Pentecost the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, arrived on planet earth, to stay for good! We are currently living in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit. He has been with us for some 2,000 years now.

Though I grew up as a pastor’s kid I hardly heard teachings on the Holy Spirit. I knew he was the third person of the Trinity, but in my mind’s eyes he was more of an ‘it’ rather than a person. The Holy Spirit to me back then was just a spirit like all the other spirits or ghosts in Samoa.   

Then I found this book (to this day I still don’t know whose book it was) called, ‘Nine O’Clock in the Morning’ by Father Dennis Bennett. Well, right from the word go, my eyes bulged, mouth dropped, and I simply could not put the book down. I saw something about this third Person of the Trinity that arrested my attention. For the first time I realised that the Holy Spirit was a Person; a very Powerful Person!

 The more I read the book the hungrier I became to know who this Holy Spirit was. So hungry and desperate for an encounter with Him that I decided to go on a total fast for five days. In a total fast you neither eat food nor drink water. I did this from Monday morning (6am) to Friday night (6pm).

Many years later I saw God answering my heart’s cry in that fast. Marrying Sandra, then 10 children, full time in ministry………were / are all part of God’s answer to my total fast. 

Our key scripture today is part of a conversation between the prophet Zechariah and the angel of the Lord. The Lord spoke through the angel,

“’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts.’” (Zechariah 4:6)  

I hope that by the end of this series you will come to know the power of those words. For now, let me say this – have you noticed how the Spirit of God transcends or goes way beyond our human ‘might and power?’ This will be my focus throughout the sermons in this series. I long for every born-again believer to walk in their true identity in Christ through the Power and Boldness of the Holy Spirit on a day to day basis, for the rest of their lives!

If you forget everything else I say today may you never forget the above verse, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts. I challenge you to meditate on those words until you get the incredible revelation of WHO the Holy Spirit is. Jesus called Him ‘the Helper’ (John 15:26; 16:7) for a reason. It means that God Almighty is living in the born-again believer to ‘help’ him or her in ways that they never thought were possible!  

So, seat belt on, and get ready to enter into the realm, into the world, into the atmosphere, of your One and Only All-knowing Counselor, Wisest Teacher, Compassionate Comforter, Most Amazing Helper and Power of powers – The Holy Spirit!