Morning Service

10am – Family Service with Children’s Ministry (Light Keepers)

We come together to celebrate God’s goodness, love and faithfulness.

Halfway through the service the children go off to their own children-oriented time of teaching and activities – at Lightkeepers (our Children’s Ministry).

Our worship Team leads us with meaningful worshipful, God-connecting songs that help us express our hearts of thanksgiving to God and at the same time experiencing His presence of peace, love, joy, security, hope, strength and increased faith in Jesus. Being aware of God’s presence is something we treasure and always look forward to whenever we come together to worship our Lord God every Sunday morning.

God’s Word is preached and taught with topical sermons that show us how to walk with God twenty-four seven. God’s Word is indeed living, active and powerful. The bible can be trusted one hundred percent.

God is better than what you think. He is a very good God. Come and see.

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