Ministry Team

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Our focus is on planning all church services throughout the year. We plan services with Holy Spirit and therefore always expecting God’s presence whenever we come together to worship God. Currently we have two different services.

10am, Weekly Sunday morning Service
This is a contemporary service of all generations and different nationality. From old to young we have this desire to worship God for who He is. We worship freely in the presence of Holy Spirit who draws us closer to Jesus. There is real freedom to allow God to do whatever He wants with us in this service. You can dance with hands in the air, sit and meditate, sing in the Spirit, or whatever as we magnify Jesus’ Name. Sermons have a strong focus on God’s kingdom and its establishment on earth as it is in heaven.
We have a very strong children’s ministry that worship with us for the first half of the service before they go out for more specific teaching and lessons.

Monthly Healing Service on the second Sunday, 7pm
Once a month on the second Sunday we hold a healing service at 7pm. We start with full on worship then teaching on healing the sick as Jesus taught all His followers, even His disciples today – born again believers. Messages in these service focus on the fact that Jesus commanded us (His disciples) to heal the sick, not pray for the sick. There is a big difference between asking / begging God to heal the sick (which Jesus never told us to do) and simply commanding sickness to leave in Jesus’ name! This is a great service to bring those who long and desire to be healed.



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