Boat Ministries

Boat Ministries consist of four ministries that focus on building our church strong through:

1. Great & lively church services – this is the focus of the “Ministry Team”
Because our mission is to know Jesus and make Him known, our focus as a team is to make sure that all our services have that sense of anticipation, a longing to know, to experience the presence of our LORD Jesus, as we worship and glorify Him! 

2. Powerful & liberating worship – this is the focus of our “Worship Team”
Our aim is to help our congregation connect meaningfully with our Lord during worship. The kind of worship that causes us to express our gratitude, thanksgiving and love to God and at the same time experience His peace, love, joy, goodness, security and freedom.

3. Developing meaningful relationships – which is the focus of our “Fellowship Team”
Our aim is to create an atmosphere of hospitality where you feel “belonged” and are a part of one body looking after one another. In Jesus words’ “Everyone will know you are my followers if you lone one another.”

4. Great facility – our “Property Team” makes sure that our buildings and facility are always welcoming, up to date and serve our mission

The environment, surroundings and presentation matters a lot to us in the property team. We make sure that all our facility are welcoming, comfortable and attractive to those who are gathering to worship on Sunday and also during the week for parents who bring their children to our preschool.

5. Making sure that each of our ministries fulfill their goals. This is the aim of our “Resourcing Team”
In order for all our church ministries to fulfil their goals they need resources. That’s where we come in. We don’t just give finances but also offer ways to encourage our church ministries to fund-raise helping them to arrive at their set plans.    


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